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Fashion Jewelry Hacks for All If you want to learn new things about fashion jewelry hacks, well, this guide is just for you. This is, if not the ultimate, the best guide that you can find to take care of your jewelry. This is a lifetime guarantee that everything you will learn here is not just good for today but for tomorrow as well. Taking care of your jewelry is now easy with this list of shortcuts for you. 1.Ketchup for Sterling Silver. Yes, you can use your ketchup to clean the sterling silver back to new. Just dip your sterling silver rings into a bowl of half full of ketchup for an hour. Use water to rinse it, then brush it with your soft toothbrush. The sterling silver will now look new, bringing back those good memories.
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2.Water + Soap Combination. The combination of water plus soap is the ultimate cleaning solution for any gold-plated jewelry. No need to buy any kind of strong cleansing solutions. Just a cup of water mixed with soap is all you need, and don’t forget your toothbrush. It is now easier to clean.
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3.Petroleum Jelly for Itchy Feelings. It is now problem-free for those individuals who are with sensitive skin, skin rashes or itchiness for a long period of time wearing their pendants or earrings. Coat your earrings and pendants, especially those parts that are touching your skin, ears, perhaps, so won’t ever be feeling itchy again. 4.Pill Cases and Plastic Wrappers for Storage. Using a pill case to store your jewelry is ideal especially if you like travelling and you are always busy. And for each day of the week you will get assigned earrings to wear, making it hassle free for storing too. Another hack here for you, your plastic wrappers with zip locking style can be storage for your sterling silver jewelry. Slowing down the tarnish of your sterling silvers after being added with silica gel bag is actually true. 5.Straw or Stick Glue for Oversized Rings. For oversized rings, you can solve it with a use of a ring guard. Just cut a piece of a straw and create a slit. Then hook it on to the back of your ring. And there you go. Use a glue gun to make a ring guard too. On a clean surface; add a small amount of glue. Dip the back side of your ring into the glue to make sure the inside of the ring gets glue as well while it still soft. Form a shape of the glue around the ring once the glue is attached. You can actually remove the glue easily and it doesn’t ruin your jewelry. 6.Choose Silver. We know that hypoallergenic jewelry is good for sensitive skins but how to choose the safest one? To avoid skin rashes, choose sterling silver jewelry. These are advantageous for anyone who love these jewelry life hacks.