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A Guide to Choosing the Ideal Equine Transportation

Horse transport can become an owners’ nightmare if not properly chosen and executed. If what’s required is interstate horse transport or long distance movement, this can be even more difficult. When you’re the owner, it’s recommended that you find a reliable horse transport company, and here are some helpful guidelines:


It is critical to select a provider with a great image in the industry. Additionally, you ought to limit your pursuit to such businesses that have been around for a long time. Experience indicates several aspects, such as the horse transport business will prioritize the safety of your animal. Also, any business with extensive experience must readily invoke both positive and negative feedback from its customers, making it easier for an horse owner to choose.

Interview the Provider

It’s always great to ask a prospective horse transport company questions that are important to the kind of service they’re offering, before choosing them. During a preliminary phone interview, for example, you may ask how the company deals with the issue of long-distance horse transport to ensure the process is least disruptive and the animal is never hungry. If an equine transport business is well-experience, it’ll have no problems picking the most clear-cut and quickest route to the specified delivery point.

Inquire About Vehicle Type

You want to know the type of vehicle that your horse will be transported in before choosing a company. The vehicle must be convenient for your horse to access and leave. If the company is using rear-load horse trucks, are they of an appropriate size? Don’t ignore elements like flooring, ramps, and overhead space. Flooring that’s well protected with absorbent shavings will help improve your horse’s temporary experience over the course of transport. It’s also critical to ensure that the truck transporting your animal has an appreciably higher roof.

Scope of Coverage

Consider service range when seeking interstate horse transport. When moving your horse from one state to another, it’s sensible to select a transportation company that has done it before. Such a company would be in a better position to give the best of in-transit care to your horse. In this regard, excellent care would include in-time feeding and routine breaks while in transit.

Is the Transporter Insured and Licensed?

Ask if your transport company is licensed for interstate shipping in case that’s what needed for your horse. In the event of liability, insurance will protect you. So, ask the company to show you prove of proper licensing and liability insurance protection.

A horse transport service that values equine safety would be a great choice every time. You can gauge the a transport company’s credentials for the job based on thorough research and interviews.
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