Try Air Casters by Hudson Bearings

Moving countless items from one place to another, loading and unloading merchandise, or transferring heavy equipment or portable machinery is made easier by casters. Traditional casters have a high profile, are primarily designed for light to moderate weight limits, and can wear down quickly. They can also be expensive depending on the materials used to manufacture them. Casters are more versatile than ordinary wheels, but can still jerk or stick when changing direction.

How are Air Casters Different?

Air Casters by Hudson Bearings are designed to be less expensive and superior to traditional casters. Bearing products, such as flying saucer ball transfer units, have a low profile and move smoothly in any direction. These products are ideal for handling one-hundred and twenty to two-hundred and fifty pounds. Air cargo equipment, material handling, and store fixtures are faster and easier to maneuver on air casters.

Air caster decks are made for weights up to eight-hundred and fifty pounds. Hollow main balls built into the platform at various configurations are lightweight, quiet, and drastically reduce vibration. Decks can be portable, or installed into truck beds, cargo planes, and even railroad cars. Items can be easily rolled to the farthest area available for packages. A hand truck or dolly is not needed to maximize the available space.

Materials Used

Ball transfer units, decks, and other styles are made from a aluminum, carbon steel, zinc-nickel, and stainless steel. These metals are durable and corrosion resistant. All products are made in America and are tested by an independent laboratory to ensure quality and safety.


There are ten different variations on air casters to accommodate a multitude of needs and preferences. Drop-in styles, lockable transfers, stud-mounted transfer units, and heavy-duty air casters are among the options. Custom solutions are offered for unique needs.

The company works with airports, conveyor companies, robotics researchers, medical devices, glass and metal manufacturers, and military logistic professionals to meet needs and contribute to innovative processes or products.

Private label products are also available so contact the company for details and capacities. Increasing productivity, lowering costs, and creating a safer working environment are some reasons to try air casters instead of traditional casters.